Check out these fantastic web sites:

Jeffrey Gitomer, author of The Little Red Book of Selling.   His weekly newsletter is something I eagerly anticipate.  He is the absolute king of sales.   Follow the link below to his website.

Jeffrey Gitomer

Seth Godin, author of The Purple Cow, Tribes, Permission Marketing and Small is the New Big. An absolute guru and highly influential thinker.  His daily blog accessible via link below. The blog is always thought provoking and an invaluable source of advice.

Seth Godin

The other person who I think is utterly brilliant is Scott Ginsberg, the nametag guy.  His web site is packed full of 1000's of articles and videos and podcasts.   He is the world's expert on approachibility.   Definitely worth checking out.   Check his web site here

On the professional side of things, I would strongly recommend Stuart Parrett of ProInspect. Stuart runs a firm from Bishops Waltham. Check his web site here  He is a residential surveyor who has a fervent passion for surveying and wants to share that passion with the world.  His web site is crammed full of useful articles.  If you need a surveyor who will produce a comprehensive survey report using the latest technology including thermal imaging, Stuart is your man.  He is also a really nice chap.

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